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Love is in the eye of the beholder, especially when professional matchmaker Joan Sawaya-Paiement, BComm (acct.) 82, BA (psych.) 08, helps potential partners focus.Sawaya-Paiement’s award-winning Intermezzo Montréal ‘dating agency for professionals’ has introduced couples for over 20 years.I bought the business in 2013 and expanded our services.” JSP: “Our business models are the complete opposite of one another.If you look at a matchmaker versus dating website, a dating website makes money if you don’t find anybody.

It’s just a hook-up, geo-based to find a guy close by and fast.But I learnt the business from the ground up and obtained my certifications as a matchmaker.Intermezzo’s been in business for 21 years, I began there in 2011, and I so believed in the product.Today we send emails and text messages.” JSP: “I tell you, I’m worried about younger adults.That part of the clientele when I started here, there was nobody under the age of 30.

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JSP: “We both love Concordia and would do almost anything to help our alma mater.